About Erathan Emptor

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Erathan is a Veteran Woman Owned Small Business Since 2016


Our heartfelt purpose is to bring our community access to healing and wellness facilitating growth for our individual and planetary potential.


To provide quality alternative healing goods and services, locally and globally, to empower those in need of healing themselves through compassionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff.

untitled-9263.jpg Erathan Emptor is named for my deep wish to encompass my family in my business with you, the customer. Erathan is Er(ica) and (N)athan, the founders of our company. Emptor is Latin for buyer or purchaser. I strive to bring you a special buying experience by providing you with a personal crystal buyer at any show I attend.

I, Rica Lynn, came to the metaphysical world fully in 2007. There had been wonderings and wanderings, steps forward and back. Then I entered a shop at a pivotal time in my life and all changed. Shamanism, the power and healing of crystals, the universal energies that flow around us (yes- the Force is with us) all came together and grabbed me.

Being raised by a theology major and having an immediate family which includes different Christian sects such The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), Christian Scientists, Baptists, Episcopalians and, it seems just for the heck of it, a Buddhist thrown in- I was  raised to accept all faiths, not a single definition of God. Accepting human fallibility early, I believe as my father sometimes mentioned, that humans never get religion 100% right. He recommended we just follow the basic tenants to be good in your heart, be nice to people, and love. Sounds simple, but so many religions have exclusions. Where does that leave a person? Seems that this has led me here, being jokingly referred to as the token Wiccaman. I am not a practitioner of the Wiccan Way, but following the tenants of Harm None and Support the Earth in all ways sounds pretty spot on to me. I studied Shamanism for 2 ½ years with a wonderful Lakota teacher leading me to understand the human condition of eons better and how to help the individual. I guess that makes me a…. Shamanic Wiccan?untitled-9647.jpg

The shop that reached out and grabbed me was a new business in Vancouver, Washington. Celestial Awakenings had just celebrated their first birthday the month before I darkened their doorway. I had found home though. In the years that I was there, I went from student and shop cat, to teacher and employee. Working for them brought me into contact with an amazing community. I was able to study and work with Roberta MacKrill of the BeeKeeper's Daughter. I studied under the very wise Peta Moser. I attended Lightsong School for Shamanism with Jan Engels-Smith. Crystals always called me back though.

I have read many crystal books by Judy Hall, Robert Simmons, plus so many others. I feel that the crystal and mineral world is a much-under-utilized tool in health and spiritual growth. Finding the stone for you in some communities can be very difficult. There maybe no teacher available to help guide you in your local lapidary or specimen shop or maybe there is no local rock shop at all. I think we should all have access to crystals no matter our economic or geographical placement. So, here I am sharing my loves with you.

untitled-9780.jpgThis is a world that your beliefs are what is of value. You are not doing it wrong- there is no right. There is only what is happy for you and your soul. I can only offer up my beliefs and if that resonates with you, I offer information to expand and possibly better your life, your soul, and hopefully your existence. I recommend you seek vivaciously and take in what you believe and throw out that which does not resonate with you.


Enjoy our stones and beliefs. I honor yours!

Rica Lynn