Auralite Amethyst Slice AAS10

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Weight: 29 grams

Dimensions: 52 mm x 7 mm x 44 mm (2 in x .25 in x 1.75 in)

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Healing Energies: Auralite is an amethyst that contains traces of 5-7 of 23 minerals in its makeup.  It is found in one specific place in Canada. Auralite is an amazing transformative stone catapulting your Third Eye and Crown Chakra into openness.  When you open these centers with Auralite, it is a good time to slow life down and really listen and really see what is coming in.  Let the information help you instead of rushing headlong into whatever you immediately think the solution is.  Listen to the higher guidance and evolve your life in an intentional and mindful way. Be very clear in your intentions when you pick up an Auralite crystal.

Facts and Lore: The Greeks believed amethyst would allow you to drink alcohol and not become intoxicated. With this in mind, the Greeks made drinking vessels from Amethyst to reduce intoxication. Amethyst receives it purple coloring from natural irradiation and impurities. This is a macro crystalline quartz.

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