Bertrandite with Fluorite and Opal Cabochons #A-E

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This listing includes:
(1) stone
(1) stone info card with each type of mineral purchased.

Cleansed before I ship out to you, always with love, light, and positive energy.

Definitely from Utah!

A: 4.3 grams
B: 1.5 grams
C: 1.1 grams
D: 3.5 grams
E: 2.9 grams

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown Chakra

Healing Energies: A type of Fluorite used for third eye work in removing blockages to find one's soul path, this rare and beautiful stone contains Bertrandite helping us hold changes.

Facts and Lore: With the mineral content CaF2 of Fluorite and then the Be4Si2O7(OH)2 from the Bertrandite, this is a purple fluorite with nice white inclusions of bertrandite. Mined in an area of Utah, this product is most commonly used for industrial purposes and very little of it finds its way to the gem and mineral world. My understanding is that the mines are closed to specimen collectors for the majority of the time. This specific duo of stones found only in the Thomas range of Utah looks to have been named for Tiffany Harris of Utah.

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