Bismuth Pieces

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These are laboratory grown.

Chakras: Root and Heart Chakras but touching on all

Healing Energies: Bismuth is a stone of transformation and change. It is wonderful for use during shamanic journeying as it helps you deepen the experience.

Facts and Lore: The chemical formula for Bismuth is Bi as it is an element like gold or silver. The name looks to have probably originated in German meaning white mass. When mining, it can be easily confused with lead or tin as it displays many of the same properties.  Officially discovered and named in 1753, records of it have been discovered as far back as the 1400's. Bismuth tarnishes into beautiful rainbow colors. It is used in medicines and has become a replacement in lead products due to its low toxicity.

Most bismuth available in the New Age market has been lab grown as it is so beautiful with the full range of iridescent colors and its growth patterning in hollow stepped forms called "hopper crystals".

Stones that are small for pocket rocks and meditation. Pictures are always from the current lot, but it is a random pull within the lot for your piece. Longest sides are the size measurements. Copy of card included with every purchase.

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