Blue Calcite Heart 2

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Weight: 278 grams

Dimensions: 90 mm x 33 mm x 74 mm (3.5 in x 1.25 in x 3 in)

This poor little heart has a visibly nick on the tip of the heart.  He is discounted due to the traveling injury.

Chakra: All but especially Throat

Healing Energies: Blue Calcite is a calming and soothing stone.  It also works to quiet the mind helping with meditation. Along with these benefits, being blue, it increases the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This is just a great gentle, general healing stone.

Facts and Lore: Calcite is a formula of (CaCO3). Pliny the Elder seems to have first named this in 79 AD using the Latin name for Lime, Calx. Archeologists will use the term Alabaster for some white fine grain examples of white calcite. What is interesting to me is that trilobites were found that used calcite as lenses in their eyes. It comes in just about every color in the rainbow.

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