Burma Jade Bowl 2

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Weight: 37 grams

Dimensions: 52 mm x 17 mm x 52 mm (2 in x .5 in x 2 in)

This is Jadeite. A beautiful dark grey green bowl.

Chakra: Heart and Third Eye Chakras

Healing Energies: A wonderful protector for children, jade is also is the bringer of calm, serenity, and peace.  A stone of nature, consider using jade while you are outside to fully connect to the Earth around you. It is considered a stone of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. A Chi strengthener, Jade works positively with the energies of your body to promote vitality. It is good to have present during childbirth.

Facts and Lore: The name Jade is derived from both a French and Latin background. The use of the name Jade has been applied to many different chemical and crystal formation of stones from antiquity to today, but normal falling within two groupings of either Jadeite and Nephrite.  This stone has been used for carving since prehistoric times, these have ranged from buttons and beads to knives and weapons. In China, Jade has been considered the "imperial gem" from as far back as history is written.  Jade also played an important role in Korean carvings dating to 850 BCE to present.  It can be colored or injected with polymers to enhance colors but it looses all translucency.

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