Cathedral Amethyst AME7

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Weight: 1095 gm 9 (that is over 2 lbs)

Dimensions: 230 mm x 69 mm x 45 mm(9 in x 2.5 in x 1.75 in)

An amethyst formation from a fairly new find in Parabia, Brazil.  This has been named Cathedral Amethyst.  It is an amethyst with very long fair delicate points.  I love this piece as it lays down and show a remarkable growth pattern.  The root is a semi-transparent amethyst with chevron patterning on one side.  This grows into the base of the actually points all teethy and opaque.  Then the tip points are a very nice amethyst shade of purple and well formed.  This stone has gentleness along with its powerful healing. The gentleness to me takes the form of a peaceful angel asking you to lay your burdens into her hands to help you heal and find serenity.

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Healing Energies: A master healer helping with addiction and anxiety.  It also is a stone of safety, strength, and protection.

Facts and Lore: The Greeks believed this stone would allow you to drink alcohol and not become intoxicated. With this in mind, the Greeks made drinking vessels from Amethyst to reduce intoxication. Amethyst receives it purple coloring from natural irradiation and impurities. This is a macro crystalline quartz.


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