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Meditation with Green Jasper

Green Jasper

Green Jasper

I did not like the information in the books about green jasper.Sitting down for a meditation with green jasper seemed like the thing today to learn about it.

In just a quick moment I went from asking to work with green jasper to staring at a green crystallized tree warrior telling me that he is the heart of green jasper.Green Jasper asks me to look at how deep his roots run.He wants me to feel in my heart how stable and grounding these roots allow me to be.I look up to my arms and find they have become thick branches.I am covered in branches and leaves.As Green Jasper talks to me, he asks that I become myself for the world to see.He asks that I stop hiding and trying to be acceptable.He asks that I look into my heart and make myself happy.As this happens, my branches start flowering.Flowers burst from the tips of my branches until I am covered in beautiful blossoms.

Green Jasper asks that I walk with him now as myself.There is more to see.We step into a boat and the sky darkens as we sail out.We are sailing away from shore out into a vast ocean.The seas toss our little craft.Green Jasper says, “Calm.” The world around us hushes.He tells me to look into my heart again.He asks that I look for the pains, the hurts, the raging emotions.He shows me how to put my hands into the vast ocean and release these emotions into the waters.I am asked to let go of the hurt and resentment, to open to healing and renewal.This gentle healing of the heart will happen every time I work with Green Jasper.Layer by layer I can find healing and peace.I can bring this peace to those around me by just being myself once healed.

My thoughts come out of the water.I look around.I see the boat I am sitting in still. But I am alone now.Green Jasper has stepped. He raises his arms and sinks for a moment.Then he bursts from the sea in a growth of thick trunk and strong branches.He calms the seas of emotions.He is strong, confident, and bright.He blooms with who he is.I hear an inner voice asking what can I do with this healed me?It asks if I can stand up for others?Can I be the voice needed to protect those who cannot protect themselves yet?

I reach deep down.I find that I have left the boat also and am a tree again.I am also in the vast ocean now being battered by waves and storms.I am firmly in place with my roots.My heart is huge and giving. There are energies of spirits and animals in my branches. I can protect those seeking refuge from the storm in my branches.I can use Green Jasper’s healing energies to calm the seas around me.I hold a mental picture of Green Jasper in my mind and ask the storms to calm.I hold that picture and fill my heart with love and compassion and calm the seas. I reach out to the energies in my branches offering love and hope.Green Jasper and the ocean fades away.I am left with the image of a forest meadow.Animals and spirits going back to their homes happy.

How will you use Green Jasper?How big can your heart become?Who can you protect? Dig deep and connect!!!