Golden Quartz Cluster 1 QP4

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Weight: 301 grams

Dimensions: 83 mm x 86 mm x 63 mm (3.25 in x 3.25 in x 2.5 in)

An interestingly included cluster from Brazil.  This specimen had a beautiful orange tint to it.  on the inside.  The overall cluster coloring is a light smoky quartz.  It is a smash of points and pieces..

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Healing Energies: Included with iron oxide, Golden Quartz are the stone to heal the healer.  They support and re-energize caregivers ranging from professional to someone caring for an elderly parent.

Facts and Lore: There are iron oxide inclusions giving it the golden color. This stone has been known and used since time before written record.  It was first named in written record around 300 BC.  The name "quartz" is a recent variation from German.  Reading the histories, it seems that "quartz" was officially adopted as the name of this mineral in the mid 1600's.  In the metaphysical world, we apply the name quartz to the clear macrocrystalline variety of this mineral. The chemical makeup of all quartz starts with the basic SiO2 that gives you clear quartz.  If there is another chemical in the mix, it then normally becomes a colored quartz. When it forms as a single point, it is normally 6 sided.

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