Heart Chakra Kit

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Heart Chakra Kit
The heart chakra is the center of love, balance, joy and health. The lower chakras (The Root Chakra Kit, The Sacral Chakra Kit, and The Solar Plexus Chakra Kit) are complete and the day to day of your life is starting to run well. Now we start our important work into the upper chakras. The stones that are included in this kit are danburite, malachite, jade, kunzite, and rose quartz.

Danburite *unconditional love*
Healing Energies: Unconditional love radiates from the danburite crystal.  Are you convinced you are unlovable? Do you have a fear to being open for love to find you? Danburite is here to heal!  Danburite assists you in healing those traumas from this life or other lives that are holding your heart back from knowing and giving unconditional love to yourself and others now.

Malachite from Congo *physical health and balance*
Healing Energies: Often called the stone of transformation, malachite is a physical healer.  You can let it work with your emotional body also, to work through past issues in a very thorough way.  Malachite works wonders at helping to ward off negative people and keep you protected.  This is a heart stone holding masculine energy instead of the more common feminine energies.

Burma Jade a form of Jadeite *health, heart healing, and joy*
Healing Energies: Jade is also is the bringer of calm, serenity, and peace.  It is considered a stone of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. A Chi strengthener, Jade works positively with the energies of your body to promote vitality and health. Jade radiates joy and helps to heal the emotional woundings of the heart.

Pink Kunzite *unconditional love*
Healing Energies: Look at the color of kunzite and you just know that this is a heart healing stone through and through!  This is a stone of unconditional, divine love.  If you think about all the positive love in the Universe, all the the love that Divine has and showers you with- even when you cannot feel it, this is that stone.  Ready for some serious self love heart healing?  It is time to bring Kunzite into your life.

Rose Quartz *love, balance, and joy*
Healing Energies: This is the stone of general love. When you enter a room with rose quartz in it, many people feel like a warm comfortable hug has been given to them. Rose quartz asks you to look into yourself and let go of past hurts to heal yourself making way for new love to enter your life bringing balance and joy.

I recommend pairing your chakra healing practice with this workbook. The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body and Spirit Through the Chakras.

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