Pre Chakra Kit

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Pre Chakra Kit  
This kit is to start your Chakra Healing Journey.  It includes a piece of Black Tourmaline, a Lemurian Seed Quartz Point, Selenite Charging Plate, and a stick of Palo Santo.  The goal of these pieces is grounding, clearing, and opening yourself to step into your chakra work. I recommend pairing your chakra healing practice with this workbook. The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body and Spirit Through the Chakras.

Black Tourmaline *grounding and protection*
Healing Energies: Think of this stone as an etheric vacuum cleaner.  Black Tourmaline is very protective from negative energies and blocks EMF from your physical area. It also helps with purification and psychic attack.  

Lemurian Seed Quartz *opening*  
Healing Energies: Ancient knowledge can be unlocked within yourself while mediating with Lemurian Seed.  Hear your soul, connect to the Goddess, and put one more foot on your eternal path when intentionally connecting to this wonderful stone.

Selenite Charging Plate *cleansing your space and stones*
Healing Energies: This stone is all about clearing.  It will cleanse the stones that you place on it or surround it with.  Selenite will clear the energies of a room.  It can also be carried by a person to clear their aura.

Palo Santo *cleansing your space and stones*

Palo santo wood has been used for a millennia as a physical and spiritual purification tool. It is an excellent purifier, anti-depressive and relaxant. Stress, panic attacks, “bad mojo”, negative energy, suffering, sadness, etc., are allowed to be cleared. Using palo santo can allow us to achieve a more balanced state within ourselves, allowing us to become more fully aligned in our mind-body experience.
To Use: Using a long lighter, light the stick until it is burning like a candle.  When the flame is well established, blow out the flame.  Use the smoke to cleanse and purify anything from yourself, to your space, to a physical item. Blow on the ember as needed to keep the stick smoking.  Place in a heat proof dish when done.  Piece should self-extinguish in about 30 seconds, but always make sure.


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