Quartz Blue Agate Pillar AGA2

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Weight: 248 grams

Dimensions: 54 mm x 72 mm x 34 mm (2 in x 2.75 in x 1.25in)

Blue agate with quartz is a very emotional healing stone as the quartz amplifies the calming blue agate.  The little blue tower wants to meditate with you leading you into a closer relationship with your guides and guardians. The stones from this batch are very uplifting and clearing.  They just add a bit of sparkle to the day!

This is a very artistically cut, polished clear quartz and blue agate point.  It has a geode like cave in the middle that is cream in color with a few black spots. The cut took advantage of us now being able to see the bases of the crystal points.  I love finding new miners and new shows.  This was an absolutely great moment to stumbled across this exquisite piece.

Chakra: All Chakras

Healing Energies: Brown agate is an emotionally healing stone.

Clear quartz is used by many to amplify the energies around themselves or to amplify the energy of other stones, Quartz is also a stone of programmability. You can place this stone near another stone to bring the energies of the primary stone even more fully into the surrounding area or to make your mediation with another stone more powerful.

If you are struggling with something specific for example- anxiety before tests in school or always wanting a candy bar on your break at work, you can program this stone to help you with that issue.  All you need to do is hold the clear quartz in your hand for a few minutes a day for about a week while concentrating and asking the stone to help you with that specific thing... please help me to be calm during a test or I would love to crave something healthy to eat during my break (or not be hungry at all at break!).  Then carry the stone with you when you are in that situation.

Facts and Lore: Quartz has been known and used since time before written record.  It was first named in written record around 300 BC.  The name "quartz" is a recent variation from German.  Reading the histories, it seems that "quartz" was officially adopted as the name of this mineral in the mid 1600's.  In the metaphysical world, we apply the name quartz to the clear macrocrystalline variety of this mineral. The chemical makeup of all quartz starts with the basic SiO2 that gives you clear quartz.  If there is another chemical in the mix, it then normally becomes a colored quartz. When it forms as a single point, it is normally 6 sided.

Agate is a type of chalcedony. This is a brown agate.  It has a general formula of SiO2.

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