Sacral Chakra Kit

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Sacral Chakra Kit
The sacral chakra is the center of abundance, sexuality, and creativity.  If you just finished working with the Root Chakra Kit, this is helping you move from the basics to the enjoyments of life. This is the chakra of pleasure and emotions. The stones that are included in this kit are ruby, carnelian, aragonite, citrine, and menalite.

Ruby from India *sensuality, manifestation*
Healing Energies: Your sacral chakra might be in need of some repair.  Ruby helps overcome sexual dysfunction while encouraging vitality and sensuality. Manifesting and retaining abundance is another aspect of ruby. Ruby is a great stone for the protection of family and home. A stone of courage and strength, carrying it with you daily increases your positive feelings for the day and for yourself.

Carnelian *desire, passion, action, abundance*
Healing Energies: Carnelian is a stone of vitality and abundance. This is a ray of sunshine that will help you bring vigor and drive into your life and body.  Looking for new resources put carnelian in your pocket. Carnelian works to increase and heal confidence, will, sensuality, etc.  Carnelian blazes forward.

Raw Aragonite from Morocco *emotional healing*
Healing Energies: Aragonite is a stone of emotional healing.  It excels when used for self-healing.  With the sacral chakra being the center of your emotional health, using aragonite to heal all the emotional baggage from this and past-lives is essential to stepping forward in your path. This stone is a strong male emotion balancer.  Yes, ladies.  This is helpful for you also.

Citrine *abundance, creativity, manifestation*
Healing Energies:  This is THE stone of ABUNDANCE.  Definitely the stone of money, it is also the stone of other types of abundance.  It will help you manifest your prosperity.  How do you see prosperity and how would you like to be more abundant with it? Reminder: it can be soooo many other things besides money.  It can be time, family, friends. Also an excellent stone for use in creating from your inner visions. Citrine not only helps you find and create that vision, but then to manifest it as well.

Menalite *sacral balancing*
Healing Energies: Menalite is consciously used to break patterning in abusive situation and/or addictive situations. It balances the sacral chakra in the throws of excess allowing you to release the negative cycle that should be pleasurable in moderation.  Menalite is a stone of the ancient woman.  Connect through the ages and your lineage to the ancient wisdom and power that was woman. Yes, gentleman.  This is helpful for you also.

I recommend pairing your chakra healing practice with this workbook. The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body and Spirit Through the Chakras.


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