Posted by Rica Lynn on Oct 6th 2023

Apophyllite- Stars & Stones – Jan 2nd – 8th, 2017 January 2, 2017

reminder to cleanse the beautiful stones that you work with and thank them for everything that they have helped you with recently.

This week is one of my favorite stones Apophyllite. I have always known that I love apophyllite, but I did not realize just how much until just a few ago. We moved about 18 months ago and my husband was joking with me about the number of certain kinds of stones that I have. HIS favorite is Apophyllite and he felt that I did not have very many of his favorites- and I agreed. So we started counting them and have over 20 clusters!!! That does not even start to count our individual points. More of a favorite then either of us realized.

What is there to tell you about Apophyllite? There is so much. Let’s start with the mundane. The mineral makeup of Apophyllite is (K,Na)Ca4Si8O20(F,OH)8H2O. Quite a busy little mineral isn’t it! When you look at a quartz point it has 6 sides. Apophyllite only has 4 sides. When a point is taken off, it looks like an Egyptian pyramid when set on a flat surface. While quartz can be just as clear and beautiful as Apophyllite, there is an extra level of refractiveness that comes with the Apophyllite that you do not see with quartz. So many people tell me that the two stones are so similar that you cannot tell the difference, but I hope you can now. The name Apophyllite comes from Greek. It is two words that refer to what happens to it when it is heated. Basically it translates to “away from heat”.

Why do I love Apophyllite? It is a stone of Angelic love. I commonly pair it with black tourmaline to grid my house. I love the joy and blessings that it brings into my dwelling. Apophyllite will help recharge other stones in its vicinity. This stone also works wonders for people with breathing issues. I always recommend following your doctor’s advise, but feel that you can add a stone or two to help things along. Apophyllite helps with asthma, bronchitis, anything that closes those lungs and bronchial tubes.

I believe that the Universe is coming forward with this stone – Apophyllite – this week to bless our New Year as so many people see this week. Those New Year Resolutions, hopes and dreams, the desires for our re-envisioned life after our reflections last week are being grounded into the love of the Universe for ourselves. Works with the stone this week to manifest our new selves in reality.

My hopes and blessings for a wonderful week to come!