Posted by Rica Lynn on Oct 20th 2023


On the social media platforms, I am talking about Danburite. Looking into the geological aspects of Danburite, it is a calcium boron silicate with a chemical formula of CaB2(SiO4)2. The official colors are listed as clear, white, yellow, and yellow-brown. I have encountered it and have many that are shades of a pretty blush pink. It comes in on the Mohs hardness scale from 7-7.5. Danburite is named for the locality where it was first identified, Danbury, Connecticut. It was found at this site in 1839.

Now how do you tell Danburite from quartz or apophyllite merely by looking at it. Quartz is 6 sided when looking at a natural point. Apophyllite on the other hand is like danburite and is 4 sided. So, how do we tell here? Apophyllite is like a Giza pyramid in its 4 sides. This gives it a square base. Danburite has a diamond (aka a rhombus) shape. The point is another way to tell as Danburite has a very distinct chisel shape to it, where quartz and apophyllite are more like that pyramid with normally very clear edges that then comes to a triangular point.

Looking into the energies, Danburite is the stone of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is not the general all-encompassing love of Rose Quartz. This is not the ego boosting love of Mangano Calcite. Danburite asks that we extend unconditional love to ourselves. It asks that we extend it to our fellow man.It asks that we extend it to our planet.

Danburite, in asking this deep non-ego love from us, gives us clear communication to our guides and Universal Source. We are able to communicate more easily with the upper beings reminding us that we can operate in unconditional love, showing us the way, and even letting us know sometimes why it is so important in the moment to be filled with this Unconditional Love.

Danburite is considered one of the high-vibration stones. It carries a frequency that brings angelic love and communication. Again, this is a great mineral for connecting with Divine.