Posted by Rica Lynn on Oct 6th 2023

Fluorite Work Days 1 & 2 August 16, 2016

How has the last few days been going for you? I know on Sunday I put out the rock for the week and gave you some highlights to look out for. Have you been paying attention to what is going on with you and around you? Are you using the stones in meditations and keeping them on your person to help with the energies of the day?

Yesterday the mini summary was – Monday we need to work on balance connected to strong self awareness. How did that happen for you? For me it was watching my interactions with the wonderful customers that patronized Celestial Awakenings while I was working the floor. How did I flow with the day? What things caused me stress and what caused me irritation? How was I putting myself forward into customer’s lives? It was very interesting for me to see what people wanted from me on Monday. They wanted my undivided attention to witness their lives and their trials. They wanted to hear my trials and solutions. They wanted learning and help. In putting my voice into their life, was I able to do this in a way that the person walked away feeling positive and whole? I work very hard at seeing people’s lives, to seeing their heartache and pain. I try to never create more pain and heal the hurt. I hope I am always successful at this.

Lots of transformation going on. As a Scorpio, I have a tendency to be introspective. So on days with strong self awareness and transformation, I have a bad habit of leaping forward. Most of the time it works very well, but then there are those times that it blows up in my face because I did not get the foundation quite right. For me yesterday, I think that much of the transformation that happened was linked around this business. I started Erathan Emptor on Leap Day this year. I spoke with many friends and colleagues to try and put a firm foundation on this business. These last few days have lead to me seeing large holes, fixing things I did not even previously realize were broken, and purchasing brand new websites. I have started a complete transformation of this baby business to make it a very strong toddler.

Tuesday great growth, moving beyond our shadow sides, show up to our lives and do the work, move out of old self worth issues, and digging deep to move relationships forward positively. I found that today was a great day for loving myself. How was it for you? Did you find that you let yourself be fun when you are normally serious? Or was it lazy when you are always striving to be busy? In what way were you able to allow yourself to grow by moving outside that shadow space? I bought things that made my body health that I kept trying to convince myself the money was not available for. I revealed in playing hooky from work for a few hours to pamper myself. Letting my self worth not be measured by my outward appearance, but working to integrate that I am loved for who I am and not what I look like.

Digging deep for relationship meant I found time to step away from work to spend one on one time with a family member much in need of it. My husband works remote much of the year, so our relationship survives by much need long phone calls (sometimes to his dismay at the length). Today was a day of listening more than I normally do to his triumphs and issues at work.

The Fluorite Diamond pictured at the top of today is the stone I have been using for the last two days for meditation. The picture in the middle shows the stones I had on today. I was wearing my Fluorite bracelet and necklace with a piece of Fluorite in my pocket. I also slipped the Mangano Calcite in there for the day. Mangano Calcite is the stone of self-love which is much in need with the astrology of today and tomorrow. I hope to start seeing pictures of what you are carrying today appear on my Facebook page.

Remember tomorrow is Wednesday is again about balance, mastering inner passions, look deeper, find strength in self worth. Put that Fluorite back in your pocket with that self loving Mangano Calcite and look out world at what you are about to do!