Posted by Rica Lynn on Oct 6th 2023

July 8, 2016

As most of you probably know, the Erathan Emptor experience is new to this world. We’re working out the kinks and these smaller regional shows are making for great shake down tours. The downside of this is that, well, things are shaking loose.

Today that means Mother Nature is pouring liquid sunshine on the outdoor show and, more importantly, we cannot get a stable connection from the show site to the internet. Sitting here in a diner to find a WiFi connection well away from the actual show, we’ve brainstormed another solution (option 4 to get online) but it’ll take a couple days to execute.

These add up to us cancelling another show and we’re REALLY sorry. Please keep the faith; we’re perfecting the system and every trip gets us a little closer. You know what? You ought to stop by the shop and pick up something shiny and beautiful to make yourself feel better.