Posted by Rica Lynn on Oct 6th 2023

Stones – Stars & Stones – Feb 6th – 12th, 2017 February 7, 2017

This week instead of the stone of the week, I want to talk to you about stones in general.

People walk into my place of employment or ask me at events about “crystals”. I grow up in the rock world as it related to the metaphysical healing properties of it all. But there is the world of science and geology that is just as important.

There are minerals and rocks. In science, that is what everything is split into. There are no crystals. Minerals are made of elements and reactions. Rocks are made of a mixture of minerals. Crystals are how the minerals form in a dynamic structure.

As I have moved further into this world, I have read such great authors as Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian in The Book of Stones and many of Judy Halls books from The Crystal Bible to The Encyclopedia of Crystals. They are constant reference guides for me. Now, over 10 years later, I realize that there is so much science linked to the stones. I refer people who are looking for a different angle to the likes of Michael Gienger and Crystal Power Crystal Healing as it begins to dive into how the geology of the stone affects the healing properties that are found to be exhibited by the stone.

I am learning that there are mineral families and stones that are related to each other that I never would have imagined. The awesomeness of the healing of the stones walks hand in hand with the science and geology of the stone.

There are macro-crystalline and micro-crystalline quartz. Macro being the ones that you can see the crystal structure, such as clear quartz, amethyst, and citrine. Then the micro quartz are the ones that I had not even associated to quartz like chalcedony, jasper, and agate.

Did you know that pyrite and marcasite are the same elements? They are just forming different crystal structures. The geology world is talking about making rose quartz and crystal rose quartz two different minerals. Just because they are growing differently!

Is a mineral formed through volcanic action with a fiery temperament? Or in the bowels of a hot fissure causing storm elements to clash and bash? Is this a stone formed through a slow evaporation or a calming drip? Is one of the main elements a metal helping you ground? Or lithium giving some emotional balance? All the science that helps you see how the stone works without picking up a metaphysical book or looking for someone’s interpretation.

Then, in my opinion, the best way to find out about the stone is to ask it yourself (really the Universe). I practice Shamanic Journeying. I journey to the spirit- the essence of the stone energy. I do not journey to the stone in my hand in this instance, I journey to the “mother soul” of the mineral. I ask what the soul wants me to know about this mineral or rock. I ask what is most important for me to remember and how to bring it best into my life. Then I use my stone to make that conversation a part of my evolution.

I am having so much fun seeing how the Universe hands me a stone for the week. I love being able to then see how it helps me and hopefully you move through the energies that we are being asked to make ours for our growth. But I want you to know that you have the same access to the same knowledge that I have. Please use your guides and guardians to work with the stones for your benefits.

I hope that this has given you a little more information about stones and how to figure out what they do. Feel free to comment with questions and your experiences!

Have a wonderful week and we will see what the Universe bring us next.