New Beginnings Abundance Bag

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Cleansed before I ship out to you, always with love, light, and positive energy.

The new beginnings bag includes (1) Citrine (1) Green Aventurine (1) Blue Kyanite (1) Blue Flash Moonstone (1) Labradorite

This kit is 5 tumbled stones measuring between 0.5-1.0 inches long.  These are medium pocket rock sizes.

"New Beginnings Abundance Crystal Bag"

Embark on a journey of transformation and prosperity with our specially curated "New Beginnings Abundance Crystal Bag." This unique collection brings together five powerful minerals, each chosen for its distinct energies to support and amplify the essence of fresh starts. Whether you're stepping into a new phase of life, starting a business, or seeking personal growth, these crystals are your allies for embracing abundance and positive energy.

Moonstone: Illuminating Possibilities

  • Moonstone, with its ethereal glow, symbolizes new beginnings.
  • Enhance your intuition and emotional balance as you navigate uncertainties.
  • Let the gentle yet empowering energy of moonstone guide you through the phases of change.

Citrine: Manifesting Abundance

  • Known as the "Merchant's Stone," citrine beckons positivity and prosperity.
  • Amplify your intentions and attract abundance as you embark on new ventures.
  • Infuse your journey with confidence and joy through the vibrant energy of citrine.

Labradorite: Transformation and Magic

  • Labradorite, the stone of transformation, invites you to embrace change.
  • Spark creativity and intuition with its mystical play of colors.
  • Allow labradorite to be your ally as you navigate uncharted territories and discover the magic within every new beginning.

Green Aventurine: Growth and Renewal

  • Green aventurine aligns with energies of prosperity, luck, and growth.
  • Foster optimism and explore new opportunities with this reassuring companion.
  • Let green aventurine be the fertile ground where your dreams take root and flourish.

Blue Kyanite: Clearing the Path

  • Blue kyanite is a powerful ally for aligning energy and clearing blockages.
  • Use it to cleanse and open energetic pathways as you initiate new chapters.
  • Communicate your intentions with clarity, paving the way for a smooth and purposeful transition.

Why Choose Our New Beginnings Abundance Crystal Bag?

  • Specially curated for those seeking positive transformation and prosperity.
  • High-quality, authentic crystals chosen for their unique properties.
  • Perfect for personal use, gifts, or rituals associated with new beginnings.

Ignite the magic of fresh starts and abundance with our New Beginnings Abundance Crystal Bag. Embrace the energy of these crystals and let them be your companions on the exciting journey ahead.


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